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What do you do?

Martini Pet Services comes to your house regularly and clean up what your pet leaves behind. We are a pet waste management service.

What if I don't see my location listed in your coverage areas?

If you don't see your location listed in our coverage areas, please call to see what we can do for you and your pets.

What do you do with the poop after it is picked up?

We double bag all poo and place in the receptacle of your choosing.     

How do you charge for your services?

It depends on how many pets you have and how often we visit your home.  For  click the dog tab, or give us a call/text at 570-871-POOP. We also provide one time clean ups for special occasions.

Why do you bill monthly?

We bill monthly so we can schedule and plan our routes to bring your pets the best service and lowest prices.

Are there any "hidden" charges?

The only additional charge would be an additional fee for first visits, IF your yard has not been cleaned up in a long time. 

Do I have to be there for the clean up?

No. Most people work during the day and find it hard to be home. We do come to your home for free initial consultation were we meet you and your pet(s) and go over some paperwork. However, if you want to be there the first day we can arrange a time to meet. Just let us know!

How can I leave you a key to get into my yard?

Most people will leave a spare key in an envelope taped to the gate. If it's a home key, we can discuss that during our initial consultation.

How do I start up services?

It's easy to start up your service. All it takes is a phone call and we will come out for a consultation and some simple paperwork. The billing can be done on our website or mail. We are gone most of the day cleaning other pet's poo so leave us a message on our answering machine. Please be sure to clearly leave your name and phone number and if you want, your work number. We will try and get back to you that day.

Do I need to tie up my dog when you come to clean my yard?

We do ask for dogs to be kept inside during the service, however IF Proper introductions are made we may allow dogs to be out with the technician. If your dog is nervous or unhappy with people coming to their property or a known bite risk we may ask for a text to confirm dogs are inside.

What weather prevents you from coming out?

We do work in light rain but not thunder and lightning storms do to our metal tools. We do clean ups year round so in the fall if your yard is covered in leaves we will pick up only what we can see. Snow can be just as hard to work in. We try to beat the snowstorms but this is not always possible. Fresh snow will cover over poop like leaves in the fall so the same applies; we collect what we can see. We can work out discounts for customers who keep a 10x10 foot area shoveled for their dogs to use. We will clean this area for a discount.

What other services do you provide?

We provide several other services, such as:

 Condominiums; Apartments; Parks; One time clean ups; Gift Certificates; Free Estimates; 10% off for Veterans, senior citizens, and service dogs. One month 20% discount for referrals so tell all your friends, neighbors, and co-workers about Martini Pet Services "They Poop It We Scoop It" and let us do the dirty work for you. 

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