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Always stepping in your dog's poop or just sick of bending over to clean it up? Let us do all the dirty work for you. We will walk your yard and clean up all the poo your dog(s) has left behind. 

Initial Clean Up Rates*

Surcharge (One Time Charge) is added if yard has not been cleaned in awhile:

          0-30 minutes- $10.00

       30-60 minutes- $20.00 (Usual)

       $10.00 each additional 15 minutes afterwards

One Time Clean-Up/Special Occasions

$50 for the first 30 minutes then $10 every additional 15 minutes. This service is to help you get back on track or prepaire for a big event. We will only offer this service twice a year for the same residence. 

Yard Access*

We will need access to your back yard on the day we come for clean up. If for any reason we can not get in we will leave you a notification that service could not be completed.

Keeping It Clean*

We sanitize all of our equipment after every job. We use a disinfectant germicidal detergent. It is effective against Parvo and Viruses to include Distemper, Rabies, and Feline Picoma and many more.  


Once a Week


One Dog-$60.00/Month

Two Dogs-$65.00/Month

Three Dogs-$70.00/Month

Four Dogs-$75.00/Month

Five or more-Estimate Required

Twice a Week


One Dog-$115.00/Month

Two Dogs-$120.00/Month

Three Dogs-$125.00/Month

Four Dogs-$130.00/Month

Five or more-Estimate Required

*Prices cover yards up to 1/4 acre in size.   Prices for yards larger than 1/4 acre may result in oversize yard fee.

**Twice a Week offered in select areas only, please ask about availability.

***Autopay required, Options; Full month on the 1st of each month or Half every 2 weeks.


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